Jumat, 26 November 2010

FROGUE - Justine Leonita, Rully Hugo, Arman Yonathan Colaboration in 2009


Can this artwork considered as an art / high fashion artwork ? 

nah... I don't care, well anyway it's an old project at Maranatha University, this photoshoot was meant for my friends

    ' Justine Leonita ' as a Fashion Designer,
    ' Rully Hugo ' as an Art Stylist,
    ' Cika Fransiska ' as the 'Talent 'and me..
    'Arman Yonathan' as their Photographer.

I still remember the set of studio we made for this photoshoot, well our photography studio at university was far from expectation ( poor actually, it was so different from where i have saw at another university ) <- if any Art and Design Maranatha Lecturer  or 'especially for the Maranatha University officials' happen to see my post, i hope y'all could reconsider to improve the goods at our faculty for the better future and convenience of learning progress. <- wooo curhat :p

but somehow we manage to do it well, ' if there's a will there will be a way isn't it'

the photoshoot was so fun , Justine made the make up by herself, well she's got a real talent in this field. Rully was always being the ice breaker everywhere, everytime, and yet he got all the posing on his mind. Cika was being makeover by justine, and there was another member of the party for this photoshoot ; name of Irvan and Ferry ( if i recall , and if i didn't wrong :p ) .

I was only using ' 1 spot of flash light ( best luck<- what kind of brand is that!) equipped with an reflector umbrella ' , placed at the right side and slightly behind about 2 meters from the talent, as you can see the shadow projected at the image below , and i can't get a better exposure at the below parts of the talent. Obviously i've done a lot of develop for this image, such as changing the backgrounds -_-

sorry for rewriting this post... :( 

but somehow , I can still enjoy these 'Frogue' images.
and i hope one day we all could be on a same stage again 
work together, laugh together, blabber on this and that
at another certain kind of fabulous photoshoots my friends :)

Arman Yonathan

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