Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Sonhar Namorada

 'Sonhar Namorada ' which means ' Dream Girls ' ( Portuguese )

5 images of  'Gogirl  Look 2011 model to be' that I have been developed
by mixing between photography and handrawn vectors + Bossanova musics
as my mood boosters :D

Birds ( aves family ) and Flowers became the main beauty elements, blended all together
with the layers, depth, and shadow to create a 'solid look' of the beauty images.
Sparrow, Crane, Swan, Colibri, Peacock and the flowers are chosen to 
create a good composition and evoke the feeling of the images.

Pardon of my limitness for only creating 5 among 20 images. 
I'm gonna work hard to do something to those other 15 images.
I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 + Adobe Illustrator to create this artwork.

I hope y'all can enjoy these artworks of mine... I present you, ' Sonhar Namorada '
Warmest Regards..... :)

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