Rabu, 21 September 2011

Moudy for YUAN

this was a part of advertorial section at the previous volume at Gogirl! magazine, the image originally taken about 5 times in the different set of poses and clothes. And yet my mighty Digital Imager 'Yohanes Radityo' did a great job on compose the five images. The talent a.k.a models is Moudy 'Gogirl! Look 2011 finalist', cheerfull to the full, and agile like a gazelle ;p she brought a good ambient of mood , well cooperated, even though she was funny she did a lot of  'stunning & breath taking poses and expresions'. Well that's it , I'm glad that i can work with such a cooperate guys and gals right here.

Talent : Moudy G!L 2011
Digital Imaging : Yohanes Radityo
Photographer : Arman Yonathan

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  1. haha i put this on my blog too!

  2. yeaaa.. cou're the amazing copywriter who just transformed into an editor !!! uwowwww