Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

711 Big Bite & Slurpee Competition - on BILLBOARD !!

Yeay.. Finally !! at Seven Eleven Grand Indonesia Jakarta.
Last month me and my friend working on this advertising images, for Seven Eleven BIG BITE & SLURPEE COMPETITION 2011. Thanks to Creative Eways  agency : Novi, Yosephine, Risty & Kumoro, Natasha Claudia Davega ( female talent ) from Kacamata Band, Erick Sebastian ( male talent ) from EASY TIGER BandYohanes Radityo , high skilled digital imager + art director that i always look up to, Justine Leonita the make up artist, and also to everyone who made it come possible. :) 

And now you can view it at every Seven Eleven located in Jakarta.

 The male talent is getting 'styled'

 Behind the scene :D and yet a ' Colongan Session '

And here we are before an another 'Colongan' :D guess where am I ??

The Landscape Edition :D


CHEERS ! for the way is still through :)
Arman Yonathan 

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  1. Love the shot mate. Wandering how you make those lovely slurpee intact? DI?

  2. Thanks a lot mate... definetely obviously DI mate, since there was nothing inside the cup except the soda water