Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

eat eat eat - the most delicious ' TOM YUM GONG '

If y'all ever been to Karawaci , Benton Junction right front of UPH university you must've known this place. GRASSHOPER THAI , such a funny name for a restaurant isn't it ? :D.
But they got the most delicious ' TOM YUM GONG ' i've ever tasted. hmmm.. very veryyy undescribeable :9. And yet they got an affordable price too, just 28k for the most delicious 'tom yum gong'.

So here I am just to post a photo that might temptating your appetite ( *hope so ). 
oh yes.. btw.. Thanks Shinta ( Gogirl!) Reporter for helped me on the food styling.

PS : pssstt.. they said they have the 'TOM YUM GONG' recipe imported right away from Thailand !!

Arman Yonathan

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