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 Rumah Payung exterior , at night

Last time when i went to Bandung i got an assignment from one of my mom's friends, well.. the assignment is not so far from what I'm doing it was about photographing this and that, well since it was also in my "free time", there's no reason for me not to accepted it, since i love the job desk too and there's food photos contained on the photoshoots jobdesk. hehe.

 one of my favourite spot ;p

And so off I go to ' RUMAH PAYUNG ', I ride my bro's motorbike to got there, it was near 'congo' cafe and located in Dago Pakar ( the upper parts of Bandung ). Oh yea.. here we go to the..... hmmm.... To Rumah Payung.. :p

 one of attractive things in rumah payung was this vintage vespa

gazeboo and the night scape at Rumah Payung

the photoshoot itself was done in 2 days, on the FIRST day ( 1 )  : started at night at there, I took a loot frame of  RUMAH PAYUNG interiors and a couple of exteriors ( of course i was only depending on the available lights, and yet shot it with RAW /.NEF in case of post production needs ).My gear was only Nikon D80 with 18-135 mm f3,5-5,6 DX lens, and a Flash SB-800, last but not least  Tripod. I set a long exsposure to get this naturaly ambience of nights in the cafe, and yet set a difference ammount of Kelvin White Balance. Well shooting at a long exsposure mode is also one of a pain in the ass thing, even we already got the tripod set up, there's still a little bit of shaking when the shutter was released from a mirror and would occur some minor shake on the images results. :p. I'll try to use release next time then.. :D how bout you ? heheh 

- - - - - - - - - - -

on the SECOND day ( 2 ) : Instead of waiting the Foods being cooked, I took some 'day' photographs, well it's a little bit different from the night angle and frames, since this picture upon was not too atractive at the night for the shade cover a lot of the bench, and when it came to a day light, it was more attractive to get it done. 

  one of my favourite spot ;p taken by day.

 Well of course it was easier photographing in a day light , you can use a usual shutter speed, and a high ammount of diaphragm too, and takes more short time than doing it with tripod attached to camera, well it's obviously right. :D

and yet the vespa still one of the attractive things on the day light.

gazeboo and the day scape at Rumah Payung

- - - - - - - - - - -  

Nahh well it' was about time to took some foodies images , and so they gonna add the photo to their menu soon. hooray !!! The scent of baked meat have also airing in the air, and the other scent that also temptating, and then the food is serve, but not yet to get eaten -_-', gotta shoot it first :D, okay let's start with the mouth watering things. hehehe 

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Well the appereance was so compromising as if i'm gonna photographs an Ice cream, but guess what, suddenly i felt a hot at my finger tips ( touching senses )  and i got it put on the table in a hurry for it was so hot.. :D

I was fooled by the way it's dressed, the way it poured. hahaha. But the taste was so good, i don't know how they did it , how they even think about it ( i mean the Sundanese ancestors who invented this cassava smoothies ) serving  a nice texture that would spoil your entire mouth and spread the savory taste help by the 'santan'm this was so good !!!! Gotta try it fellas ( I bet yourself start to mouth watering right now ;p ).

- - - - - - - - - - -  

2. HOT POT Kangkung Cha
I'm always been a veggies geek, especially the veggies who're not completely cooked ( but of course it was rinse well ) as the result is the kangkung is not withered, and finally left the naturally crunchy and tasty to the veggies, and prawn and calamary slices made a good compatible, but the chillies is not hot at all ( i'm a huge fan of spicy food though ).

 - - - - - - - - - - - 

    i Hadn't found a different things from others, but i could recall that it is the first time i had it with pickels. and yet this things was still good with a savory and viscous taste of the gulai. Go for it ! i'm quit it , i'm afraid of the cholesterol though :p

4. OXTAIL !!! >.<
 There aren't any 'not delicious' words in my dictionary when it comes to oxtail, this devilish  food are so unressistable, no matter how peoples cooks it many differents ways, i always a big fan of this things, and i love to eat it using my bare hands, hold the two sides of the bone, and suck up the cavity of the bones that contains oxtail joints as a Goldfish in a little aquarium :p .  

NASTY ?? of course it was, and it was the only way to 'ENJOY IT TO THE MAXX !!! ', don't even think to "jaga image / JA'IM " when enjoying your favourite foods.. !! DIG IT IN !!!HAHAHAH !!

5. LAMB SATAY >_< !! 
And i'm nearly on my muscle spasms state and gonna rushed in to the nearest 'emergency room' for eating this kinda boss devilish meals again. hahahah :D

But i'm telling you, that they did it well, i didn't smell any kind of 'goat smell' , if i recalled Rumah Payung didn't add too much seasoning on the meat, but it was already good and delicous.. sooo.. was it the quality of lamb meat ??  YOU BET !!   

The meat was so tender even it was nearly cold since i'm get it photographed first, How I wonder if i ate it in a very hot and freshly burned state,and if I had to recommend another good lamb satay ? It's obviously that Rumah Payung Lamb satay will be on my top 5 lists too !!

- - - - - - - - - - - 

And so i guess this will become my wrap ups parts of this post, if you get any chance to get to Bandung i recommend you this place for an enjoyable meals and drinks , and also a place for chills out, especially when it comes to afternoon times, for the ambients was so embracing for me. 
Did anyone who reading my  post was already there ? y'all could share it here, post your comments bellow. Any of you wanna ask me for a date with me ?? ( Girls only ) :D you wish .. hehe  don't worry i could accompany you here.. if i happen to be in Bandung :) .
Arman Yonathan

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  1. LOVE THE LAMB SATAY SHOT! Very well taken mate!

  2. hihihiyyy !! Thanks mateeee.. it's one in a million shot though :D hahah.. oh ya.. how 'bout GADO=GADO n ketoprak photoshoot ? have you done it ? hehe