Minggu, 25 Maret 2012


Okey sekarang postingannya saya coba didalam bahasa internasional ya :D
masi belajar nih.. heheheh


Set in early March at Ubud my most favourite place in Bali, I was invited by a dear friends of mine to join them in our portfolio session routine in Bali. Justine Leonita a.k.a JUJU was already right there for about 2 months, oh yea.. JUJU is the make up artist , we often had some projects at college, and thankfully she still gimme a chance to photograph her beautiful artwork. The other party on this best team mate ever is Rully Rumantra who already settle down in Bali and he's the one who always have the a fabulous taste, and so he became our art director , stylist since our first work together at college too. And so we are the Three Musketeer has unite again, "All for one, One for all !!".

Did i mentioned Fenny 'Enong' Ayu before ?? there she is... I'd like also to gratitude my feelings for what she did to me. I'm definitely gonna drawn along with the camera if she wasn't there for me. What she did for me ?? It's our screts... hehehe

One of our talent in this photoshoot is our lovely Californian girl, Gemma Hughes and so Juju started to moving her brushes and pencils doing her magicwork, and voila! el Magnificooo... Comprende !!  :D  " Dear Gemma if you read this , We're so blessed that we have you in our photoshoot, and sorry for the trouble i gave you for did it in the water , especially with the floating pose. But guess what ?! i'm also amazed by the result , you are so cool... !!!! "

Makeup Artist : Justine Leonita 'JUJU'
Talent : Gemma Hughes
Art Director : Rully Rumantra
Teammates : Fenny Ayu
Photographer : Arman Yonathan

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