Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

eat eat eat - GORENGAN !!!!

it ain't Pasta . . .
that blast man straight to star.
it ain't Steak . . .
who can save men from peak.
it ain't Hamburger . . .
reason for man to start rumble.
it ain't Raviolli . . .
and so man invented the trolley.
it ain't Ice Cream . . .
who pictures the boys wet dream.
it ain't Caviar . . .
not about them , but who we are.

it ain't arrrggghhhh... 
 ( can't make anymore words x_x)


Yeah.. this is about my all time favourite dear and lovely snack !! GORENGAN !!! 

GEHU or Tahu isi  : Fried Tofu stuffed with bean sprouts, carrot slices, etc, used to be a triangle shaped.

BALA - BALA or Bakwan : it's a mass of mess , ragged, disordered looks of fried dough. but GOOD ! and Tasty.

TEMPE or Tempe Goreng: Thin sliced block of tempe, could feed a hungry batalion army ;p or maybe a swarm of marching world of ants. ;D

LUMPIA or Risol :  a dumpling skin who happened to roll a group of bihun and plunged into the boiling oil. deep fried and Served !! 

Arman Yonathan 

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