Selasa, 01 November 2011

Advertorial - ORIFLAME on Gogirl Magazine

Here i posted one of my job desk at gogirl magazine. I was assigned to do the beauty shot, for oriflame and advertorial at the magazine where i worked. The photoshoot was simple using a mainlight ( Soft box ) and fill in light ( below with a soft box too... :D ) and a little bit ray of light at the right hair section on photos, made by a bandoored and honeycombed flash light. hehe :D

Talent                : Dara Meutia ( Left ) 
                           & Carrine Kezia Aulia ( Right ) 
                           Gogirl Look Models 2011
 Make up by        : Ichwan Toha
Client                 : ORIFLAME 
Photographed by : Arman Yonathan

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