Selasa, 01 November 2011

Baby in the Trolley

BABY in the TROLLEY , it might make a good movie title, about a lost baby who accidentally witnessed a drug transaction of a high class mafia, and then chased around by the mafia ( short stories... ) and the baby save the city from a drugstore mafia, with his ' lovely trolley '. < - - super absurd storyline (-_-')

The fact is, i met him/her in the super market, suddenly he/she came out of nowhere ride in a trolley, while i'm doing a photoshoot ( that's the cronology of the title ). hahahah. But when i saw him/her, it's feel like i've had that feeling before while i'm a toddler too, how lovely will be ride in the trolley accompanyed by mom and dad.. and they slide  the trolley a little bit , and we are embracing the winds that coming up to say hello to our faces. how nostalgic feeling could came out in a flash by meeting cute baby.

As i set the aperture and shutterspeed, i approached him/her ( i still can't decide the gender ). Take a few snapshot, and the parent didn't mind , i just smile at the parent. Okay, that's all i need, thanks a lot "baby in the trolley".

Arman Yonathan

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